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January 08, 2008

Stamp of approval.


David Baccus, the Proprietor of our San Jose Studio, uncovered some exciting news for all Eamesaholics while perusing Eames Demetrios’ Flickr page the other day. Yes, the Eameses will be commemorated with 16 stamps published by the United States Postal Service. Designs include the LCW, the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman and the House of Cards. It may also be the only time you can get an Eames La Chaise for 41 cents.


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To the delight of collectors, the US Postal Service has worked diligently to expand its stamp offerings, in part in response to foreign issues targeted directly at stamp collectors. Check out the Postal Service Preview of 2008 Stamps at

Other art & design themes, beyond the Eames stamps, include: The Art of Disney; Albert Bierstadt's “Valley of the Yosemite” (part of the American Treasures series); and a painting by contemporary American wildlife artist John Dawson ("Great Lakes Dunes," part of the Nature of America Series).

Design Notes Blog is an excellent weblog, recently featured on MadSilence [New blogs to watch: PingMAKE and DesignNotes,].

Looking forward to future posts. MadSilence

So who designed the Eames' stamp?

"How wonderful, Been away on studies as an graphic designer. Haven't looked at emails since early October. The Eames would be honored!!!!

When? When? When?!!!

These would be marvelous as framed artwork!

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