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January 02, 2007



Over the holidays I had the good fortune to visit Richard Neutra's Cyclorama in Gettysburg Pennsylvania. Originally completed in 1962 to house the painting of Pickett's Charge, the building is currently closed off to visitors for a rehabilitation project of the painting and the building itself is actually scheduled to be "removed from the battlefield" (aka destroyed) sometime in the near future.

The building itself was locked (trust me I tried to get in) but I managed to explore the grounds and take as many pictures as my camera could hold. I saw that in many places there were large cracks in the windows, extensive water damage, holes in the concrete and decaying furniture inside.

After trudging in the mud for about an hour  I headed back to the visitor center for more information. What I gleaned from my 15 minute conversation is that the building is set to be "removed from the battlefield" (the park rangers would not use the word "destroyed") and that they have no information on the building itself just the painting it houses. During the length of our conversation Neutra's name was never mentioned once by anyone at the information desk. The rest of my pictures can be found here.

All in all I left a little frustrated and heartbroken, I urge everyone to sign the petition here and check out the below links for more information and ways you can contribute to saving Neutra's Cyclorama:
Recent Past Preservation Society


Thanks for your comments and taking the time to go look at Neutra's Cyclorama. Essentially, it will take the voice of many concerned people to stop the demolition. Please bring it to the attention of as many people as possible. I am in the process of writing letters to the Park, Congressmen, the President. Make your voice be heard.

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