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July 30, 2007

Stylin' sneakers.


Last Friday night, over 100 people showed up for the final judging and party for the Puma Shoe Design Competition at the DWR Southlake Studio. Over 60 people entered the competition by designing a pair of Puma running shoes using Puma’s design website, Mongolian Shoe BBQ. It was great to see what so many people did with the chance to get creative. And with such great prizes, who wouldn’t want to give it a try? Puma awarded the top three winning designers with a pair of the shoes they designed. Plus, the first place winner, Carmen Menza (shown above), was given a limited-edition white leather bag from their new line, Urban Mobility. (Only 600 of these bags were produced. Ever.)  All of the guests got an opportunity to view the entire line of Urban Mobility clothing and bags, and got a sneak peak at the new Spring 2008 footwear line. As a huge Puma fan myself (last count of shoes was 54 pairs), this was a great opportunity to share a passion of mine – other than well-designed furniture and accessories – with the DWR community.

Posted by E. David Goltl, Proprietor-DWR Southlake Studio.


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