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June 06, 2008

Kithaus visits Los Angeles.


Calling all Angelenos: The Dwell on Design Conference + Exhibition is making its Los Angeles debut this weekend, June 5-6 (conference) and 7-8 (exhibition).  The four-day weekend will constitute the largest design show in the West.  Be sure to swing by the Design Within Reach booth and step inside the eco-friendly Kithaus K3. The K3, designed by Tom Sandonato and Martin Wehmann, is a 9'x13' structure that is redefining prefab with its fast and waste-free installation system.
Wondering where you can use Kithaus?  How about anywhere you need a fully insulated, pre-wired comfortable space. Plus DWR offers furnished packages that have been space planned for maximum functionality. Choose from Workspace, Pool Pavilion, Sleep Pad or Guest Room (with more packages to come later in the year). Stop by our booth at Dwell on Design to experience the Pool Pavilion. Learn more about Kithaus here. Got more questions about the K3? Email Got questions about Dwell on Design? Click here.

Posted by Susie Cordes, Studio Proprietor, Beverly Blvd.